About us

Qawi Technology

Manufacturing of building, moving of heavy duty objects, molding of materials, and similar other tasks require heavy duty machines. Serving machines for all of the aforesaid tasks is what we, Qawi Technology, specialize in doing. We are a Moradabad located company working as manufacturer and supplier of Cement Concrete Mixer Machine, Bar Bending Machine, Industrial Lifts, Goods Lifts, Genset Trolley and a variety of other goods. 

Our Strengths

What makes a company grow stronger and enhance wider is its strengths. So, these are our strengths which has made us an established name in the marketplace

Serving Since 1990

One of the most important considerations that customers like wholesalers and retailers keep in mind is experience. Yes, most of the customers see experience of the company.

Product Categories

A variety of innovative Construction Machines, Material Handling Equipment, Cement Concrete Mixer Machine  and Industrial Sheds to be found here.

Technology Solutions

Qawi Technology  have our own production facility which is well-equipped with essential machinery. A pool of hard working men handle all production and delivery related tasks. Apart from developing aforesaid items, we are also into fabrication of Industrial Factory Sheds.