About us

Qawi Technology

Manufacturing of building, moving of heavy duty objects, molding of materials, and similar other tasks require heavy duty machines. Serving machines for all of the aforesaid tasks is what we, Qawi Technology, specialize in doing. We are a Moradabad located company working as manufacturer and supplier of Cement Concrete Mixer Machine, Bar Bending Machine, Industrial Lifts, Goods Lifts, Genset Trolley and a variety of other goods. 

Our Strengths

What makes a company grow stronger and enhance wider is its strengths. So, these are our strengths which has made us an established name in the marketplace.

Our Vendor Base 
To design and develop Cement Concrete Mixer Machine , Pipe Bending Machine, Industrial Factory Sheds, Genset Trolley etc., we have partnered with known and experienced companies selling raw materials like steel, aluminum, industrial components and much more.

Modern Infrastructure  
The modern infrastructure we are having is one of the greatest strengths of our company as it enable us to run the daily business operations in the best possible manner.

Strong Core Values
Transparency, honesty, integrity, punctuality and mutual respect are some of our core values by maintaining which we have gained a trustworthy position in the market.

Serving Since 1990

One of the most important considerations that customers like wholesalers and retailers keep in mind is experience. Yes, most of the customers see experience of the company and only then deal with the company because it assures them for the company being original, having financial stability, good knowledge of the industry, experience in making products and so much more. At Qawi Technology, we have a very long list of customers because we have 28 years of experience. These service years have made us a reputed name in the Indian market.